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Specializing in bringing the best of wholesale Florida trees and shrubs right to your job site.

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Top Quality Trees

Florida grows some of the world's best trees and shrubs. We specialize in sourcing the best top quality hedge material and specimen trees from a variety of nurseries. Among our perenial top sellers you'll alway find: Podocarpus Maki, Elaeocarpus, Holly, Ligustrum, Oaks and Crape Myrtles of all varieties. However this list is just a sample, if Florida grows it, we can source it.

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tree and shrub delivery

Live Truck Estimator

We provide full service logistics direct to your job site. In fact we've got loading a truck with trees and shrubs down to a science. Introducing our novel Outfox Farms Live Truck Load Estimator. Now you can estimate truck loads the same we do! It takes only seconds and doesn't use any linear feet calculations.

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tree and shrub delivery

Live Freight Estimator

Get a clear break down of the freight charges by plant and container size in seconds. This new estimating tool is based on the award winning Live Truck Load Estimator. It knows how many trucks are required and adjusts the freight charges accordingly. Try it out - estimate your next shipment now.

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Top Sellers

15G Podocarpus Field


Perenially our top seller, the gorgeous Podocarpus makes a great hedge row or specimen piece. Currently our 30G crops are moving at a rapid pace.

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30G Red Cedar

Red Cedar

Great screening plant with a rapid growth pattern. Perfect for sculpting. This year we are selling a lot of 14' and taller.

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14 foot Magnolia


A timeless southern favorite available in specimen and hedge material. We have Florida Fancy crops in multiple varities for your high end jobs.

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Eleaocarpus 65G Standard, 30G Pyramid


These beautiful Japanese Blueberry shrubs are available in pyramid or standard. Tree Form crops are a HOT item right now. If you have jobs that need them, book early!

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Outfox Farms

Our goal is to help you keep your customers satisfied so they will give you repeat business. Finding the best quality items available that will provide the desired end result for your project or design is what we do. You will always hear the truth from us regarding the status and quality of all crops that you might consider for purchase.

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