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Outfox Farms Live Truck Load Estimator

Try out our live truck calculator to figure out how many trees and shrubs will fit onto your truck.
Both of our typical trucks: 48' Flatbed and 53' Closed Box trucks hold the same 125 tree spaces.

# Trees Container Size Tree Spaces ea Total Spaces
15 Gallons ½ Space   0 Spaces
30 Gallons 1 Space   0 Spaces
45 Gallons 2 Spaces 0 Spaces
65 Gallons 3 Spaces 0 Spaces
100 Gallons 5 Spaces 0 Spaces
200 Gallons 12 Spaces 0 Spaces
Truck Load Calculation
0 Trees 0 Trucks 0 Remain 0 Spaces

Points to consider:

  • 125 tree spaces based on either a 53' closed box or 48' flatbed truck
  • Some items like Lingustrums are extra wide should be calculated on the next size up
  • For extra wide items bump up the space calculation by 1.5x the normal space

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Outfox Farms - Clermont Florida


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