First up is a Crape Myrtle variety chart to help you choose the perfect one for your project; Second, is our unique truck packing algorithm


All About Crape Myrtle

Florida grows Crape Myrtle in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. We can help you pick exactly the right one for you. [PDF version]

AcomaWhite6-10'90 daysVery GoodSpreadingVery GoodPurple & RedPoorNatchez
ArapahoeRed20'+Very GoodUprightGoodNonePoorTuscarora
Basham's Party PinkLavender25'+80 daysGoodBroadGoodOrange/RedPoorMuskogee
BiloxiPink30'+80 daysVery GoodVaseVery GoodOrange/RedPoorMuskogee
Burgandy CottonWhite12'FairBroadn/aNonePoorNatchez
Carolina BeautyPink, Dark20'65 daysPoorUprightSmoothOrangePoorTuscarora
ChoctawPink, Bright15-20100 daysVery GoodSpreadingExcellentMaroonPoor
Dallas RedRed20'+Very GoodUprightSmoothPoor
DynamiteRed20-25'GoodUprightSmoothPoorDallas Red
MiamiPink20'+Very GoodUprightExcellentOrangePoor
MuskogeeLavender20'+120 daysVery GoodBroad VaseRed/YellowVery Good
NatchezWhite20'+120 daysVery GoodBroad VaseExcellentRed/OrangeVery Good
Near EastPink15-20'FairSpreadingAverageYellow/OrangePoorMuskogee
PotomacPink20'+90 daysGoodUprightSmoothYellow/OrangePoorMuskogee
SiouxPink, Dark20'90 daysGoodUprightGoodMaroonPoor
TontoRed12'75 daysVery GoodMoundingMaroonPoor
TuscaroraPink,dark20'70 daysVery GoodVaseGoodRed/OrangeVery GoodTuskegee
TuskegeePink,dark20'100 daysVery GoodSpreadingGoodRed/OrangeFairTuscarora
YumaLavender20'90 daysSpreadingGoodYellow/OrangePoorMuskogee
ZuniLavender,Dark10'90 daysGoodUprightOrange/RedPoor
Crape Myrtle Comparison Chart by Variety Name
Crape Flower Mature Flowering Mildew Shape Bark Fall Leaf General Color


Outfox Farms Formula for Trucking Trees

We have created this formula to figure out how many trees and shrubs will fit onto a truck. this formula doesn't require you to estimate footage. It is so easy that we usually end up being able to do the calculations in our head while on the phone.

*Note: this formula is a rule of thumb, and there will be exceptions. Some of which are listed below.

Our typical tree hauler is either a 53 foot closed box truck or a 48 foot open flatbed. Both trucks can carry the same 125 "tree spaces". Each tree occupies a certain number of "tree spaces" depending on the container size in gallons.

Now you can mix and match tree sizes and fill up your truck. Simply take the quantity of each container size in the order, multiply by spaces, then add your numbers together to see how close you are to a full truck!

Gallons to Spaces
Use these formulas to size each tree
Container Size Spaces To Fill A Truck
15 Gallons ½ Space 250 Trees
30 Gallons 1 Space 125 Trees
45 Gallons 2 Spaces 62 Trees
65 Gallons 3 Spaces 42 Trees
100 Gallons 5 Spaces 25 Trees
200 Gallons 12 Spaces 10 Trees
Example Order
100 15-Gallon Crape Myrtles + 40 30-Gallon Wax Myrtles + 6 100-Gallon Live Oaks
Count Item Size Calculation
100 15G Crape Myrtles 0.5 space per 15G 50 spaces
40 30G Wax Myrtles 1 space per 30G 40 spaces
6 100G Live Oaks 5 spaces per 100G 30 spaces
subtotal 120 spaces


Points to consider:

  • Truck size is based on a 53 foot closed box. Flatbeds are available in 53' but most are 48'. the open format will allow you to use the same calculation for a 48' flatbed, you may be able to get more trees on if you bump up to a 53' flatbed.
  • Overgrown trees may require more space and should be calculated on the next size up!
  • Some items require more space than others for example Ligustrums are extra wide. For extra wide items bump up the space calculation by 1.5x the normal space.


Check out our tree and shrub truck load estimator



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